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Corporate Commercial

KBH offers a comprehensive range of services to clients who require corporate and/or general commercial advice. The strength of the firm lies in its international team of lawyers, who are highly experienced in multiple jurisdictions and who provide innovative solutions to clients conducting business in the GCC and globally.

KBH advises its global clients in relation to their entry strategy into the GCC, the structure of their corporate presence, and assists in regulatory evaluation, managing and forming new commercial relationships and expanding into the wider GCC market and beyond.

It advises its local clients in relation to commercial agreements, investments and operations domestically and abroad and their corporate restructuring.

Setting up in the GCC

KBH advises clients who want to engage with the GCC market to help them understand the regulatory environment in which they will operate, and the appropriate corporate and ownership structure for their business. GCC countries offer a dual structure, allowing companies to incorporate in independently regulated tax free zones or as onshore businesses.

It is, therefore, important to understand the optimal structure to use in the GCC, which should best suit the needs of the client. KBH’s lawyers are experts in advising on the correct structure and acting as entry strategists and company secretaries.

Corporate Restructuring

Dubai, and particularly DIFC, is an increasingly attractive jurisdiction for many companies across the globe as a trading hub. Businesses are relocating their operational and holding entities to take advantage of a stable political regime and tax free jurisdiction. Dubai is considered a favorable operational base for companies investing into Africa and South Asia.

KBH specialises in helping clients to establish and maintain their operations from Dubai, whilst combining those operations with structures in jurisdictions including Singapore and Geneva.

KBH also regularly advises on:

  • Joint ventures
  • Mergers and acquisitions including MBOS
  • Distribution and franchise agreements
  • Setting up investment vehicles and investment or regulated businesses in DIFC
  • Voluntary and involuntary liquidation within the DIFC