Banking and Finance

KBH has been present in the DIFC since 2006. It has been involved in the growth of the DIFC as a financial services hub both commercially and as a jurisdiction for dispute resolution, for the GCC and also for global financial institutions.

The firm regularly advises its clients on:

  • Bilateral and syndicated lending transactions
  • Security documentation
  • Property and asset/mortgage finance
  • Trade finance

In addition to services provided by its corporate and commercial team, KBH’s litigation group advises clients on:

  • Services and products originating from or sold through entities located in DIFC
  • Claims in relation to enforcement of lending agreements against defaulting borrowers
  • Claims arising out of activities of banks and their employees including white-collar crimes and breaches of anti money laundering regulations

KBH was at the heart of defining the DIFC jurisdiction in the Rafed Abdul Mohsen Bader Al Khorafi & 2 Others v Bank Sarasin–Alpen (ME) Limited & 1 Other DIFC Court Proceedings No CFI 026/2009 case.