KBH’s employment practice is a formidable force, currently ranked Tier 2 by the prestigious Legal 500. Led by the highly acclaimed Employment Lawyer and Barrister, Bushra Ahmed, who is recognised as a top expert by Chambers & Partners and Legal 500, we are unparalleled in handling a wide range of employment claims. We have been involved in many of the leading cases that have helped develop the law within the DIFC.

From discrimination and bonus disputes to employee misconduct and whistleblowing, we tackle every challenge with unwavering expertise. At KBH, we specialize in navigating the complex terrain of executive exits, team relocations, and securing injunctions. Our distinguished clientele comprises senior executives and CEOs who trust us implicitly to protect their interests. Right from the outset, we delve deep to understand your goals, tailoring our strategies to achieve the outcomes you desire.

Employment claims can be burdensome with vast amounts documentation. We leave no stone unturned during the document disclosure stage, adopting an unrelenting approach to uncover every crucial detail. By unraveling the narrative of the employer-employee relationship, we gain invaluable insights that fortify our cases.

With an impressive track record, we are proven winners in the courtroom. However, we also recognise the importance of timely settlements that yield lucrative and fair results. We leverage our negotiation prowess to seek optimal resolutions that benefit our clients.

When it comes to employment matters, KBH is the undisputed powerhouse you need in your corner. Let us fight for your rights and secure the success you deserve.

Notable Representations
  • Acted for a compliance officer of a swiss bank in his claim for religious discrimination which he was subjected to when he converted from Christianity to Islam.
  • Advised on a team move from one of the largest trading houses which was fought in the High Court in London with claims for breach of contract, injunctive relief and constructive unfair dismissal.
  • Advised a female senior banker of a large international bank in relation to her exit strategy and possible claims for breach of contract
  • Advising a senior executive of a major conglomerate in respect of the enforceability of his terms of employment.
  • Advising a senior employee of an international bank in relation to claims against against the bank.
  • Advising a high-profile employee in relation to his redundancy package offered in the UAE, considering the fact that the laws of England and Wales governed his employment contract.
  • Advising a senior and highly-regarded banking executive in the UAE in relation to the termination of his employment without warning and with a very modest redundancy package.
  • Advising a former employee in relation to his end of service entitlements pursuant to UAE Labour Law.
  • Acting for a senior partner in an extremely confidential and highly sensitive matter, negotiating his exit from an international law firm.
  • Acting for senior counsel in a very sensitive and highly confidential case, concerning discrimination on the grounds of gender and being subjected to discriminatory conduct by the management team.
  • Advising a client in respect of his end of service entitlements and post-termination restrictive covenants along with his options for settlement or pursuing a potential claim in the DIFC Courts.
  • Advising a former Business Head and Accountant in relation to his end of service benefits and payments due under his employment agreement and payments arising out of a settlement agreement.
  • Advising a high-net-worth individual in respect of his exit arrangements from a large investment fund.
  • Advising an employee in respect of his duties as an employee pursuant to a Dubai Financial Services Authority investigation.
  • Advising a former Senior Executive at an internationally-reputed Private Equity and Global Investment Company in respect of discrimination on the grounds of age and being subjected to discriminatory conduct by the company.
  • Acted for a senior female Emirati employee of an international bank, in respect of his claims for discrimination, pursuant to which a pre-action disclosure application was pursued for information relating to the practices of the bank in promoting Emirati Women.
  • Defending an injunction in the DIFC Courts against a large trading house and a black employee who claimed discrimination. The case eventually settled.
  • Successfully acting for a government entity in respect of an employment dispute.
  • Acted for the compliance officer of a leading financial institution in a claim for whistleblowing and discrimination.
  • Representing an employer in DIFC Courts in claim considering the meaning of a ‘reasonable employer’ within the meaning of the DIFC Employment Law.

Acting for a leading mining executive in a claim for $30m of lost bonus.

Acting for the Managing Partner of DWF in relation to a contractual claim

Acted for the Defendants in claims brought by a former employer in the UK for procuring a breach and a breach of contract/injunctive relief against its former broker, respectively. Despite the fact that the contract was governed by a UK jurisdiction clause, the DIFC courts seized jurisdiction on the basis that the new employer was located in the DIFC, and the DIFC Court was able to apply UK law as a foreign law. The matter was listed down for a hearing for two weeks at the end of 2020 but settled.
Acted for the former Regional Chief Executive, of SCB, Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan in respect of his claim for breach of a settlement agreement in respect of a future bonus payment.
Acted for the Claimant in his claim for termination benefits. Setting a precedent on the applicability of a penalty payment under Article 18(2) of the old Employment Law, where the employers failed to pay the employee’s termination entitlements within 14 days. The Court of Appeal affirmed the construction of Article 18(2), which resulted in a change in the law.

Acted for the Defendant in a successful application for security for costs against a former employer

Acted for the Respondent before the DIFC Court of Appeal as to the test for ‘reasonable employer’ under the old DIFC Employment Law.
Acted for the Claimant before the former Deputy Chief Justice Sir Anthony Colman, former High Court Judge of the Commercial Court, England & Wales, in respect of a breach of an employment contract.
Acted for the Claimant before the former Deputy Chief Justice Sir Anthony Colman, former High Court Judge of the Commercial Court, England & Wales, in respect of a breach of an employment contract.
Acted for the employee in relation to what amounts to a ‘reasonable employer’ under Article 59A of the DIFC Employment Law.